5 Things to Know Before Signing Rental Agreement in Delhi NCR

Food, clothes, and shelter are the most important things in a person’s life. In this decade the cost of building homes has risen such that almost all the savings of people get exhausted, sometimes while in the middle of the construction. To avoid this, people use to rent a flat or apartment in the majority of the metropolitan cities, be it Mumbai or Delhi. For acquiring a house on rent, people have to sign a Rental Agreement.

The majority of the people are unaware of this fact and avoid this, this leads to awful consequences. People are unaware of the rental agreement and How to Make Rent Agreement and sometimes the landlords also skip this for their gains but eventually face problems. People from experienced organizations such as Rentalagreement.in will guide you about all the procedures and information regarding the Rental Agreement even you can get Online Rent Agreement in Delhi from Rentalagreement.in. You must lookout for the following terms before signing a Rental Agreement:

Hidden Clauses or Conditions: 

Sometimes below the dotted lines, there are some clauses written which prove to be devastating in the upcoming months. Some cases have been observed in which the tenants have to face a 10% or more hike in rent every five or six months. With Rentalagreement.in, you will not face any such problems.

Additional Charges: 

Some cases have been observed in which tenant have to pay the additional money after certain months. These little sentences go un-noticed and thus due to little irresponsibility the tenants have to pay a large price. Rental Agreement can be a little perplexed, but Rentalagreement.in provides an Online Rental Agreement in Delhi which eases out the problems.

Inclusion of Bills: 

Another important clause that goes unnoticed that people just ignore the terms and conditions. These may include any other expenses such as the water bill, electricity bill or even maintenance charges. The term “Maintenance Charges” has often been misused and the tenants take its toll.

Check-out and Notice Period: 

The rental agreement also incorporates the penalty and check-out charges if any. These are most important as in some cases there would be a notice period for leaving. If a tenant leaves before the notice period, then to he/she has to pay for the remaining period. In some cases, the rental agreement includes a clause that the tenant has to live/pay for a minimum duration of months that usually go unnoticed. Also, a heavy penalty would have been mentioned in that agreement for breaking that clause.

Damage Charges: 

In some cases, the furniture or supplementary utility of any kind that has been provided while moving-in gets damaged. The tenants have to pay heavy penalties in that case, if not taken care of. These penalties exceed the price of the article in a few instances. This clause must be looked into very carefully.

Hence, the tenant pays heavily and the situation goes awful. The executives from  Rentalagreement.in soothes all your headaches starting from How to Make A Rent Agreement to drafting and explaining it properly. 

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