7 basic Documents Needed For Making Address Proof Affidavit

In India, Address Proof Affidavits are considered a very important document. Whether you wish to avail of any kind of govt. scheme or services like Passports, Driving license, Pan Card, evidence claim, etc. the address proof is considered very important. For those who own a house, procuring an Address Proof Affidavit is quite simple, whereas In the case of tenants the procedure becomes quite complex.

As a tenant sometimes it is quite difficult to have proof of residence as they live on rent in the property of others, which proves to be a very complex issue. Hence to tackle this issue rental agreement serve as the best media to procure residential proof.

The essential documents/details required for getting an Address Proof Affidavit are:

  • Permanent Address: The person/s who is/are applying for getting an address proof should present a document stating their address of permanent residence which may be any legal/govt. document.
  • Current Address: The document can be an offline/online rental agreement providing proof of the current residence of the applicant. This is required for fetching some important details such as tenure of residence up till now, name and DOB of the applicant, etc.
  • The details of the Police station under which the current and permanent residence is located
  • The details of the Post Office under which the current and permanent address lies
  • Details of the Circle, Ward, and the district to which the residence of the applicant belongs to
  • A declaration that all the facts and statements issued are true
  • A notary stamp paper for the address proof


Address proof is also required for getting admission into colleges and schools. They are also known as domicile certificates if they are issued by the government, but procuring them is hectic in some Indian states as they consume quite a long period. The address proofs are also known as a Residency Affidavit/Proof of Residence Affidavit/Affidavit of Residency can be easily procured from rentagreement.in.

While getting residential proof the content and structure of the document should also be given due attention, as a slight mistake, may lead to wastage of efforts. If the format of the document is not proper then people may have to get themselves a new one. One of the prominent address proofs providing companies such as rentagreement.in provides Online Affidavit Format. The online formats could be used as a reference to draft the documents. Online Affidavit Format can be easily procured by the tenants through the online portals. They provide the documents on the doorstep for very nominal fees, and the whole payment can be done through the online medium, thus making the process very simple and efficient. 


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