Is Online Rent Agreement Valid As Address Proof in UP?

With the increased demand of the rental agreements in the country, the validity of such documents has been the most crucial area of interest. Even though the rules of GOI apply the same everywhere and every state should follow them, some orthodox states’ officials are rigid towards the regressed procedures in applications. So here is a discussion about the validity of the Online Rent Agreement In Uttar Pradesh.

 Why such an issue?

States such as Up, Bihar, MP are ill-famous for their attachment towards the regressed policies, due to a variety of factors as lack of connectivity, fear, and lethargic nature being the most prevalent amongst them all. Due to such factors, the implementation of the updated rules takes a longer span to get implemented. The same applies in the case of Online Rent Agreement In Uttar Pradesh.

Concept of Validity:

Online rent agreements are used as proof of residence for availing numerous government services like passports, address proofs, etc. As per the ministry of external affairs of India, online rent agreements- both registered and unregistered can act as a proof of residence while applying for a passport. Earlier only the registered online rent agreements were treated as valid address proof.

Similarly, for more basic amenities provided by the government like ration cards, proof of address is mandatory. While some districts of the state readily accept online rent agreements as a proof of residence, some refuse them due to unawareness or fear. In such districts, online rent agreements can act as basic proof in front of the respective authority/ registrar, who has the privilege to sign on a draft of a provisional application. What’s common n these districts are people can utilize online rent agreements as the basic proof of residence for applying for a ration card.

Hence, it is useful to get an online rent agreement, if the resident is a tenant, as it is mentioned as a valid proof of residence in various websites of Government of India services.

Steps to be taken:

For the residents of UP, it is useful to get a clear picture of the validity in their district by getting a confirmation, beforehand, eliminating the possibility of rejection. In cases where Online Rent Agreement In Uttar Pradesh are not approved as a valid proof, people can utilize them for getting another valid address proofs such as bank passbooks, etc. Therefore, online rental agreements are useful for the tenants, as it is the elemental address they can acquire while living as a tenant.

Apart from the online rent agreements, the online Age-Proof Affidavit is also available. The digitalization of these services has reduced/eliminated the problems of common folk. The support of the government by providing validity has been a significant step. While some districts of various states lack in implementation of the updated rules, a much-needed boost in awareness will improve the situation.

Online rent agreements will help people obtain local services such as broadband internet connection, gas or LPG connection, purchasing a new SIM card. It also helps to access financial services like account in a bank, address proof in driving license application. It also acts as a supporting document for obtaining more solid address proofs such as Aadhar card or Ration card. Not to forget, the rental agreement helps people in obtaining Passports and Voter ID.

Through online rent agreements, people can apply for water connection, electricity connection, telephone connection, and other utility services. Online rent agreements are equally valid in urban and rural areas. Online rent agreements are very useful for students, minors and the working class as they are mostly tenants. is the most popular destination of the people for online rent agreements in Uttar Pradesh, Age-proof affidavits, and other legal documents/abstracts

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