Is The Physical Presence Of The Owner Is Required While Making An Online Rent Agreement?

Rent agreements have become insanely popular among the owners as well as tenants due to the perks they offer. As there is a variety of Rental Agreement Format available on numerous websites, owners and tenants find rent agreements easily accessible, fueling its popularity. But, is it necessary to be physically present while online rent agreement is being made? Here’s the answer:

Physical Presence: mandatory or not?

In the case of an online rent agreement, an owner or tenant either goes for a customized rent agreement or selects from the list of Rental Agreement Format.

  • In case of customization, the rental agreement is prepared catering to the demands of the owner/ tenant. He/she has the privilege to add/ edit/ modify/ delete the clauses present in the rent agreement. Respective information is also put in, following the guidelines. For customization, the physical presence of the owner isn’t required while the development of the rental agreement, as these tasks, can be carried out either on-call or through e-mail.
  • On the contrary, even if the owner/ tenant chooses a particular rental agreement format from the available options in the list, all he/ she/ they have to do is to provide the particulars of the agreement. In this case, too, the physical presence of the owner isn’t mandatory.
  • If the owner/ tenant opts for getting the rental agreement from a nearby local firm, then he/ she/ they need to be present physically as the entire process will be carried out shortly. He/ she/ they need to provide the associated information to the agreement producer, who may not provide the facility of customization to the tenant.

When Physical Presence Will Be Mandatory?

The physical presence of the owner/ tenant will be must in the following cases:

  • When the tenant goes for Rent Agreement Registration, the physical presence of the owner/ tenant will be required. In the process, both owner and tenant have to sign on the agreement in the presence of an authorized signatory. The physical presence is mandatory as it testifies that both parties agree on the terms and conditions written in the rental agreement and thus provide their affirmation to the higher authority.
  • In case the owner/ tenant opts for procuring the rental agreement from a nearby firm, in such a situation the physical presence of the owner/ tenant will be mandatory. 

Relevant information:

With the modernizing and digitalizing world the need to rushing towards firms for procuring rental agreements has been reduced drastically. Now, owners and tenants get high-quality rental agreements written within a stipulated period. Content quality and grammatical correctness of the rental agreement beat the offline written ones. Statistically, online rent agreements have more chance of approval than the offline generated ones, as they are reviewed more number of times, and in various aspects- legal, grammar, etc. 

Some of the frontrunner firms also home-deliver these rental agreements which eliminate all the hassles of running to and fro. Hence, online rent agreements have become so immensely popular than offline ones. Online firms also guide the owners/ tenants in before and after the development of the rent agreement.

Through their expertise off several years, they can recommend the clauses to add/ modify in the online rent agreement. Also, they can help the owners/ tenants choose the most suitable rent agreement; commercial, residential or industrial. While opting for a good rental agreement company, emphasis must be given on their services, experience, payment process, cost and most importantly, customer service. After assessing all the aspects, the online rent agreement firm needs to be approached and process to be carried out. While sorting, testimonials also provide great insight as they speak about the quality and final product of the process. 

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