Property registration: The Complete Guide

Property registration is the enrolling of any documents related to the move, sell, rent or some other type of transfer of resolute property.

According to law, each record must be displayed at the enlistment center office by the concerned individual itself or the approved individual pursued by an observer and the suggested enrollment charge. The properties are enrolled according to the concerned Act.

What are the required documents for Property Registration in Delhi?

According to the State Govt., these are the required documents which have to submit:

  • Two Passport Size Photographs are required of both parties.
  • Proof of identification of each party and witnesses are required like Aadhar Card or Voter Id.
  • Two witnesses are required to sign the witness form.
  • In case the property is/was under a lease from D.D.A.L&DOM.C.D.Industries Department, Labour Department of Delhi Govt. etc., the permission of lessor for registration of the documents are required.
  • No objection Certificate under section 8 of Delhi Land (Restriction and Transfer) Act is required to make the registration.
  • Income Tax Clearance Certificate is required and a valid Pan Card is also required.

Who can be a witness for Property Registration In Delhi?

A witness is an individual who ousts as far as anyone is concerned about certainties in issue between the two parties for a reason. Any individual who knows you or doesn't can be your witness for Property Registration in Delhi. A witness must be at least 18 years of age to sign as a witness. 

Witness for Property enrollment assumes a major job in the enlistment procedure. A witness ensures that the archive was signed by the two parties and no fake happened. Having someone there to approve registration witness are needed if there is ever an inquiry concerning the social events or the understanding.

What is the procedure for Property Registration In Delhi?

  1. Verification of the title of the property
  2. Estimation of the property value
  3. Preparation of the stamp papers
  4. Getting the sale deed ready
  5. Payment of the stamp duty & registration charges
  6. Approach the Sub-Registrar for registration
  7. Documents submission


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