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Rent agreement can be created both online and offline. gives you the option of creating online rental agreements. We, at understand the complexities and legal technicalities of rent agreements and therefore offer services to ease this process. The usual process of creating rental documents is through a broker, this is both expensive and time-consuming. What we provide is authentic documentation services in the comforts of your home. All you require to do is:

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What are the Differences Between an Affidavit and a Declaration?

Affidavits and declaration are two documents often confused by the people. Some people believe they are almost similar and can be used in each other places. Instead, that’s not the case. They are both different documents and are to be used in different places. Here is a list of details …

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rental-agreement-online • Apr 03 2020

Is Online Rent Agreement Valid As Address Proof in UP?

With the increased demand of the rental agreements in the country, the validity of such documents has been the most crucial area of interest. Even though the rules of GOI apply the same everywhere and every state should follow them, some orthodox states’ officials are rigid towards the regressed procedures …

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rental-agreement-online • Mar 13 2020