What Are The Companies That Can Help Me Get An Online Rent Agreement?

Lease agreements have become the talk of the town due to increased awareness and increased options to acquire rent agreements. Rental agreements formats and samples are scattered all over the internet. Every type of firm has been providing rent agreements to the applicants at varied costs. Here is a brief description of how an Online Rent Agreement can be acquired:

What is a lease agreement?

In case you are unfamiliar with the term “Lease agreement”, it is a written proof of contract between a landlord and a tenant for the lease of a property. Rent agreements, also known as leave and license agreement are available both online and offline, in two types- unregistered and registered. The owner of the property mentioned in the lease agreement is known as a “lessor” whereas a tenant is known as “lessee”. Rent agreement contains all the relevant terms and conditions by which the tenant and landlord are bound.

How can rent agreement be obtained?

Rent agreements can be obtained through the following methods:

  • Offline: By reaching out to a lawyer or an attorney, the party can reach out and get a lease agreement drafted by paying the requisite fees. Parties can add/ edit/ modify their desired terms and conditions in the lease agreement. 
  • Online: People can get Online Rent Agreement through reputed firms, who either deliver it on the email or at providing Rental Agreement at Doorstep. As they are more economical than the previous one, they are gaining popularity. Some of the firms offer online payment options, which make the process more hassle-free.

Types of lease agreement:

Registered: These are available for any duration but are mandatory when the lease period exceeding 12 months. Relatively costlier than the unregistered ones due to stamp duty charges and others; these lease agreements require a little more time for making. 

Unregistered: These agreements have flooded the entire online rent agreement industry. They can be made of the maximum leasing period of 11 months. Firms’ website provides the link of the sample lease agreements, which are generally unregistered ones. Their development time is very short and sometimes can be made in a day or two.

Proper leave and license agreement format: 

To ensure that people don’t fall prey to traps, they should be aware of the contents of a proper lease agreement format.

  • Correct details of the landlord and tenant with an address
  • Leasing period
  • Rent mount with frequency
  • Escalation rate
  • Penalties
  • Lock-in period
  • Security deposit
  • Other terms and conditions

Which firm to approach?

When there are various options available for the people, they become perplexed about which option to choose. What they should do is to identify their leasing period first. If it exceeds 11 months then they ought to go for the registered lease agreement, unless they want to pay penalty. Otherwise, they can go for unregistered rental agreements, but only experienced firms such as Rentagreement.in. While the majority of the online firms send Rental Agreement at Doorstep, Rentagreement.in provides the facility of online payment too.

They have immense expertise serving to different demands of the client throughout the years. Furthermore, prominent firms provide exceptional customer support to the people; hence people should go for rent agreements from good firms.

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