What are the Differences Between an Affidavit and a Declaration?

Affidavits and declaration are two documents often confused by the people. Some people believe they are almost similar and can be used in each other places. Instead, that’s not the case. They are both different documents and are to be used in different places. Here is a list of details that acquaints you with the difference between an affidavit and a declaration, before Make Affidavit Online India:

What does their definition signify?

Affidavits are documents in written form which are used along with an affirmation like an oath. On the other hand, a declaration is a written document in which the person signing deems the statements are true but he/she/they have the option to be/not be sworn in. People can get offline and Online Affidavit in Delhi and both types of declaration in other parts of the country.

What are the differences?

  • The difference in Signing: While an affidavit is signed in front of a notary public or commissioner a declaration can only be signed by the person who is writing the declaration. In some exclusion, declarations can be signed in front of legal counsel. Due to the affidavits providing more supportive in nature, attorneys and lawyers consider affidavits over the declaration.

  • Penalties and Perspective: Person who signs an affidavit is known as an “affiant” while a person who signs a declaration is known as “declarant”. If the applicant commits fraud in the affidavit, he/she/they are accused of perjury charges, while in a declaration he/she/they are accused of perjury charges only when a statement declaring “ I declare under the penalty of perjury” is given.

  • Utilization: An affidavit is usually utilized as evidence, mostly in legal family matters. In some cases, affidavits can be utilized for legal documents like registration in the voter list. For an affidavit, witnesses have to pay a notary fee. On the contrary, declarations are used in patent registrations. 

  • Drafting: While both affidavit and declaration should be drafted with factual information, i.e. one or two facts and include numbered list of all the statements and clauses and most of all relevant. But the declaration is typically used outsides the setting of court.

  • Nature: While an affidavit is set in a legal context, a declaration written in a simple language is similar to ordinary conversation. The declaration is also used to explain one’s perspective in the case, or as a part of a divorce or a contract. 

Earlier only affidavits were given due importance in the courts, but now they have started entertaining declarations too. To Make Affidavit Online India, a person has to look out for a prominent firm that has immense experience in drafting affidavits. While there may be in numerous samples of affidavits present on the internet, but getting genuine Online Affidavit in Delhi requires effort. Affidavits are legal documents that need to write in a pre-defined format. 

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