What are the steps to prepare an Online Rent Agreement

An agreement between a landowner and tenant, whereby the latter is given that occupy the right to live at home or private premises is named as a Rent Agreement. It is one of the most imperative documents for both parties to maintain a strategic distance from any future questions.

Online Rental Agreement or Lease Agreement Registration in India is now a simple three-stage process. 

Stage 1. Drafting and freezing of lease agreement. (1 day or Same day) 

Stage 2. Aadhar based Biometric Verification (1 day or same-day) 

Stage 3. Enrollment Stamping and Delivery. 

Detail Information about Online Rental Agreement or Lease Agreement Registration. 

The initial step for online lease agreement enrollment: Drafting- make a draft on rentalagreement.in. Drafting is an important improvement of any Lease Agreement Online. There are numerous significant clauses to be dealt with in the drafting.

Here is a quick process to create a simple, effective Online Rental Agreement.

  • Landlord and Tenant Details

In the drafting procedure, you need to make reference to who is the proprietor who is an inhabitant and their separate national personality period you need to explicitly make reference to Aadhar card and Pan card of landowner and occupant into lease understanding alongside the private location.

  • Property Details

Note down all the details of the property and provide furniture if any. At the time of drafting agreement mention Property type, Area in sq.ft, Property Address, Appliances/ Furniture, and all detail related to the property.

  • Agreement Details

While writing agreement details mention these points carefully.

1. Period of agreement

Write the period of the agreement in months or years.

2. Mentioning Rent Amount

Mention the rent amount which will be taken. Also mention month to month lease sum in rupees tricky part here is you additionally need to specify whether the lease is paid ahead of time or falling behind financially.

3. Maintenance and utility charges

It must be unequivocally referenced who will pay the general public upkeep sum and utility charges sum. Under utility charges power, water charge, clubhouse charges, security would be secured.

  • Cancellation and notice period

It is important to talk about notice period time and wiping out the procedure notice period. It is typically 10% of in general residency.

  • Lock-in period

This is the most significant Clause as far as wiping out of understanding. The two gatherings can't drop or end the lease understanding in a time of lockin. In the event that either party ends the understanding in the lock-in period, at that point, the pre-chosen punishment will be imposed on that gathering. One must be cautious while setting the lock-in period there can be unexpected punishments because of lock-in period garments. 

  • Miscellaneous clauses

There are numerous different procedures that can be noted into any lease understanding things like stopping zone eating inclinations can be referenced in the lease understanding.


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