What Is The Purpose Of An Online Affidavit

An affidavit is a declaration of fact statement in written format made especially under an oath or affirmation before an authorized officer or Magistrate. Now in the digital era, it becomes easy to make an affidavit. Yes! Now anyone can Make Online Affidavit In India.

How to get an affidavit?

You can get an affidavit online or offline. Rentalargrrment.in provides the services to get an easy Online Affidavit In Delhi and India.

But if you want to get it manually you can follow these four steps to get Affidavit In India.

Step 1: Prepare affidavit draft in word format.

Step 2: Print affidavit draft on e-stamp paper ( Buy an e-stamp paper at any co-operative bank near you. A Rs.100 stamp value would be standard for affidavit execution)

Step 3: Sign at the bottom of every page of the affidavit.

Step 4: Meet notary lawyer near you and notarize your affidavit.

You are done

Types of affidavits

There are many different types of affidavits, and they vary significantly by their intended purpose.

  • Court affidavits
  • Self-proving will affidavit
  • Affidavit of power of attorney
  • Financial affidavit
  • Affidavit of the lost document
  • Affidavit of identity theft
  • Affidavit of Marriage

Purpose of an Affidavit in India

We use Affidavit for may time for various reasons. Here are the common uses of affidavits in India:

  • Name Change Affidavits
  1. General Name Change Affidavit
  2. Change of Name After Marriage Affidavit
  3. Change of Name of Minor Affidavit
  4. The same Person Affidavit
  • Change of Signature Affidavit
  • Address Proof Affidavit
  • Proof of Date of Birth Affidavit
  • Income Proof Affidavit
  • Joint Affidavit for Registration of Marriage
  • Affidavit for No-criminal record
  • Affidavit for Claim Settlement in Bank
  • Affidavit for Issue of Duplicate Certificates/Documents/Mark lists
  • First Child Affidavit
  • Affidavit for Educational Loan
  • Anti Ragging Affidavit
  • Affidavit for a gap in education/employment
  • Passport Affidavits – also known as Annexures
  • Annexures are to be made strictly according to the formats issued by the Ministry of External Affairs
  • LPG Annexures


While it might give the idea that affidavits are a rundown of plain realities, note that it is fundamental to cause it to conform with the imperative configurations and to incorporate just applicable actualities. Along these lines, it becomes fundamental that it is drafted expertly. If you wish to make a lawfully substantial affirmation for satisfying any lawful commitment, pick Rentalagreement's pre-drafted affidavit formats.

If on the off chance that you don't discover the affirmation required by you in our rundown of online testimony positions, at that point click the catch underneath and present your solicitation, we couldn't imagine anything better than to add more formats to our website.


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